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For us in SICEA, change is an integral part of our DNA. The ability to manage complex processes of a project development is an essential feature for the accomplishment of Clients’ requests. Every day for the past 40 years, we have been pursuing this goal: our Clients’ full satisfaction in compliance with the afore set timeline and the disposed financial resources. The Construction Market needs a major boost and a significant transformation when it comes to conducting project-management models, and SICEA represents a single interlocutor with the privilege to influence such change, thanks to its competitiveness, professionalism and efficiency.

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From 2014 onwards, our company has adopted a new top management of managers with a proven experience within important Construction Companies, in order to address the actual transformations and to meet the Customers’ new requirements. Through a solid business plan, and by investing into human capital, SICEA has built transversal skills able to face complex Projects in the field of electrical, mechanical, special and similar plant building sector.

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General Contractor, vocationally

For us in SICEA, to build a network of professionals, technicians and specialists in the Construction Sector, is the privileged condition that empowers us to face all kinds of challenges that our Clients present us. In 2019, SICEA reached an important goal in its further development by settling a special division employed in design, construction, start-up, testing and maintenance of works with a great part of installation works.


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