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Residence San Gregorio – Padua

The energy upgrading project of the San Gregorio buildings carried out by SICEA Srl aims to significantly improve the building’s energy efficiency through technological upgrading of the central heating system and passivation of the building envelope.

SICEA performed the rehabilitation and re-waterproofing of the prefabricated modular parapets, improving structural integrity. By implementing a ceramic thermal insulation system, it was also possible to insulate the perimeter walls, reducing heat loss. Window boards were then insulated with insulating material and wall finish, overlaying heat-insulating windowsills.

The walkable surfaces of the balconies were re-waterproofed and repaved where necessary with complete replacement of the exterior window frames and shutters with new, more insulating elements. The implementation of the intervention has respected as much as possible the formal aspects of the original project, while achieving the energy performance required to access the tax benefits in force.

Client: Hera Servizi Energia S.p.a.
Sector: Residential
Category: OG1

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