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Single-span steel bridge, Padua province

This intervention was ushered by the Province of Padua in order to enhance the static and anti-seismic strength of the structure, and it was part of a broader project of functional upgrading and modernising of the territorial road network.

SICEA carried out the demolition of the previous structure by removing the piles from the riverbed. Through structural strengthening of the abutments, we have built a new articulated bridge with a steel beam-frame and with a 12 m wide and 60 m long platform.

The new reinforced-concrete slab allowed, not only the construction of the road surfaces, but also of the pedestrian/cycle paths, hence the citizens’ satisfaction boost.

The work improves the river course and facilitates the regulation of flow turbulences due to torrential rains.

Client: Province of Padua
Sector: Infrastructure
Category: OS18A – OG1 – OG3

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