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Single-span steel bridge – Padua province

The intervention to the Steel Bridge was promoted by the Province of Padua in order to improve the structure from a static and anti-seismic point of view, in view of a larger project of functional modernization to the territorial road network.

SICEA Srl carried out the demolition of the previous structure by removing the piers present within the riverbed. Through structural strengthening of the side abutments, it then built a new articulated bridge with a steel girder structure. The overall deck of the bridge reaches 12 mt wide and 60 mt long.

The new reinforced concrete slab allowed the construction of not only road pavements but also bicycle and pedestrian areas, thus improving mobility to the satisfaction of citizens.

The work improves the course of the river and improves water regulation in turbulence from the flow in case of floods caused by torrential rain.

Client: Province of Padua
Sector: Infrastructure
Category: OS18A – OG1 – OG3

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